The residents of Oakdale are able to conduct their lives with staff providing consistent non-invasive oversight.  We have in-depth experience working with individuals experiencing emotional difficulties including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Asperger's syndrome and problems of social adjustment. Some residents are diagnosed as having mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. In addition, Residents at Oakdale often experience concurrent medical issues. These issues are overseen by local physicians at their offices or at our local hospital.  Psychiatric medications are monitored by local psychiatrists who have worked with Oakdale for years. Oakdale is not able to serve adults with a history of severe self-destructive behavior or drug or alcohol abuse.

Oakdale staff has the requisite professional certifications including a Ph.D. in special education and a licensed Certified Social Worker. Each staff member has a minimum of ten years experience in this field. 

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Work, both paid and unpaid, is valued as a major component of a fulfilling life.  Emphasis is placed on matching the interests and abilities of each individual with a suitable workplace environment whenever appropriate. Oakdale uses comprehensive job evaluations in cooperation with various state agencies and local employers to identify compatible vocational matches. Jobs may include full or part-time work, volunteer and paid positions, and internships when available. Variables that are most important are the physical requirements as well as emotional (stress) levels encompassed in each. 

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It is our goal to create a real home for our residents.The Oakdale homes and apartments create a family-oriented setting. We work closely with family members to ensure that the best supports possible are provided for each individual's unique requirements.  A common gathering area and kitchen are available for residents wishing to use them. A licensed nutritionist has helped us create menus that are tailored to the overarching needs of our residents.  Birthdays, holidays and special events are celebrated.  Our properties are within walking distance of the town center, retail shops, restaurants, a movie theater and community activities.  Local transportation is available for those residents who are capable of independent travel. 

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Oakdale provides customized supports for individuals who have transitioned from a residential setting to their own living situation, or returned home to parents/siblings. Our staff can assist with check-ins, oversight of finances/bill paying, ADL's, health, medication, nutritional and job guidance. We are available on an as-needed basis to help navigate difficult and often challenging situations that occur in transitions. We are available for informal counseling and support. Non-residents are also welcome to participate in all group events including meals that originate at and/or take place at our residences. 

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